To design a gymnasium, or Wellness Center in a home doesn't only mean putting some equipment in the best possible places. Our considerations go much further than that.

Athletica Design

Our Values

ATHLETICA DESIGN commits to taking into account the new multi-sensorial and aesthetic developments being introduced into the different materials we propose, and to create an installation plan which unites design and decoration to their best advantage. We study the position given to each apparatus, respecting the distance between each so as to assure not only your security, but also the aesthetic aspect of the room. We also like to position the material in harmony with the lighting and ventilation in the room.

We at ATHLETICA DESIGN have the strong conviction that the apparatus and materials we propose, as well as the lighting, colours and aromas, can all combine to inspire and nourish your senses and emotions. That is why, when you choose our expertise and advice, you're certain to optimize your available space in order to accommodate your own personal sport center, whilst maintaining harmony and well-being in your home.

Training at home becomes a real oasis of pleasure. Thanks to the experience we have accumulated over the years in the sports and wellness business, we offer a real bonus to those of you who choose to create a haven dedicated to training and relaxation.