Planning your Wellness Center


To help you achieve total well-being, we propose to design a complete installation plan of your available space.

Our team of Interior Designers will accompany and advise you in the creation of your gym and wellness space, so that your apparatus integrate harmoniously into your personal environment.

We will create a visual support of your wellness project. Throughout the conception phase of the project, we give special attention to the following aspects:


Equipements We will help you to choose the equipment which satisfies your requirements in the space available. The apparatus will be positioned in such a way as to be perfectly accessible, as well as being integrated into your environment.


Matériaux Our team of Interior Decorators, Architects and Designers will advise you on the materials to choose for your wellness space (flooring, walls,...)

Lighting and colours

Eclairages et couleurs Our team will help you consider and select the lighting and colours best adapted to your environment and tastes, so as to allow you full appreciation of your sporting and wellness experience.


Ameublement In collaboration with our colleagues, we will help you choose the furnishings and accessories best tailored to your taste and life-style.

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To discover and experience true Well-being, to relax, recharge, and refresh your body and soul, ATHLETICA DESIGN provides you with the ideal solution: create a personal Wellness Center in your own home and at long last take care of yourself, no worries!