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Before starting any planning and installation work, you must allocate your space : a loft, garage, spare room, or even building an extension are all possibilities. It helps if the area is quiet and lends itself to relaxation, far from noise and agitation.

Then begins the creation of your sports room in your chosen location. It will become a unique space, reflecting your style and mood, isolating you from your everyday worries, allowing you to recharge your batteries. This space is close at hand because it's in your own home !

In your veranda, in a room large or small, inside or out, existing or yet to be built, or as a separate area in your garden. There is always somewhere to convert for your pleasure and relaxation, depending on your available space, budget, time and dreams. The most important thing is that you have your haven of peace where you can escape life's turmoil whenever you feel the need.

Relaxation takes many different forms depending on your character, tastes and aspirations. There are those who need silence to unwind, others prefer intense training to let off steam, some want to be alone whilst others wish to share their quality time with family or friends. You can forget your daily drudge or worries and indulge in your oxygen blast, or in your tranquility bubble, all in your own home.

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You will rediscover your vitality, good humour, enthousiasm and energy, thanks to making your Wellness Center dream come true in the luxury of your own home.

From 10m2

an area dedicated to Well-Being

If you have enough space to kit out a room dedicated to your well-being, we have the solutions. A whole new mind-frame on home training, thanks to your personalised home fitness center, allowing you to train, keep fit, relax, and discover a whole new dimension of well-being pleasure.

From 20m2

A personalised home gym

If the health and well-being of you and your family are a high priority, we have the solutions to ensure that you benefit fully from your available space, and that all your requirements are satisfied. In the privacy of your own home, we will create and install a space dedicated to your training and well-being that will bring a whole new dimension to your life-style. A home gym equipped with elegantly designed professional apparatus. Your Wellness Center.

And more


We can also envisage designing an extension on your house, taking into account your needs and desires. We will advise you on our best solutions for technical details with regard to flooring, natural ventilation, safe access to your apparatus, sound insulation, and any extra plumbing, heating or electrical requirements you'd like us to consider.