Your private home gym

Athletica Design

Comfortably installed in your own home, close to all that you love the most : your family, your personal possessions, your interests, in a room made to measure just for you, where everything is exactly as you'd wish it to be, and always readily available. At the same time as listening to music or watching your favourite television programmes whilst relaxing in your own home, serene and secure, without having to give up either your time or your freedom.

With our expert team of Designers, Interior Decorators, Architects, Site Managers and Trainers, you are certain to benefit from the best solution to equip, decorate and install your 'Wellness Space' or home gym, thanks to our attention and expertise.

We guarantee you our personalised guidance to invent and then realise your Wellness Space.

Every home gym is unique. Our first aim is to draw up a concise assessment of your project. Together we'll choose the nature of your requirements based on your sporting objectives, the projected intensity of use, the available space, the materials and decoration of your choice, all adapted to your budget.

Who hasn't dreamt of having a gym right on the doorstep, or having a handy Wellness Centre just round the corner ?
Even better to have all this in one's own home...
With our team of experts, we can help you make your dream come true.

A personalized accompaniment

Athletica Design

Once the project has been agreed upon, we will recommend the best options for : your choice of fitness equipment, optimization of their layout, 2/D and 3/D plans, compatibility in your choice of equipment, and advice on furnishings and interior decoration.

We will present you with an indepth study giving you precise details on :

  • The layout of your personalised home fitness centre
  • The cost of any additional work (walls, insulation, paintwork...)
  • The chosen equipment
  • The 2/D and 3/D plans of your home Wellness Space
  • A concise and detailed quote

We guarantee the delivery, and full, ready-to-go installation of your equipment.

We offer you a personal assistance contract, guaranteeing regular maintenance of your equipment and assuring their maximum duration.